April 20, 2010

Help Me! Help Me!

Normally I post music on here that interests me, but usually it's temporary.  Okay, that might be an exaggeration.  It always interests me, but I usually listen to it avidly for about 2 weeks and then move on.  Certain songs and albums pop up repeatedly, whether serendipitously or because I want to hear them, and that keeps these people on the brain.  However, when I hear new (i.e. post-initial-infatuation) music by these artists that I really really like, that's when they get put into a different category entirely.

I initially liked Lucy Schwartz because I thought this song was adorable.  I even decided not to be too hasty and I let her percolate for a while before making a decision.

I'm not gonna lie, these songs are still like crack to me.  I literally listened to her entire catalog (which, truthfully, isn't a ton) at least 5 times today.  And now I can add a new song to my list:

Sorry this video is so creepy.


Casey said...

I don't think the video's creepy.
Also, I think the girl is cuuuuute.

*sings song*

very catchy

Brittany said...

it's really just the raggedy-ann people who are freaking me out