May 4, 2011

Will you stop making fun of my for loving Fleetwood Mac now, Mom??

Probably not haha.  She just hates Stevie's voice, so what can you do?  Won't stop me. 

One thing I can say for Glee - sometimes they improve songs.  Usually they make them worse, or just do an okay impression, but sometimes they get a really great interpretation.  "Songbird" was that song this time - frankly, I think it was better than the original.  

Kristin Chenoweth sang "Dreams" and it was actually pretty awful; her voice is not suited at all to this music - she's operatic, and Stevie sounds like she just got done chain-smoking right before she sings.  Which is why it's great haha.

I could now dive into the basic reasons why I think Glee is the coolest show ever - not because they are all fantastic (or in some cases, even mediocre) singers, but because they're teaching a younger generation about all of this fantastic music that they'd never IN A MILLION YEARS listen to on their own - but I won't haha.  I'll just say that Santana did a great job this week!  Oh and I wish they'd played one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs from Rumours, The Chain, but hey you can't get everything.