August 2, 2008

A New Thing I've Decided To Do

Mitch said something to me the other day that, as usual, made me feel a mixture of insult and curiosity. We were talking about something... movies?... and I told him that I was going to rent some more Jennifer Connelly films because I just saw Waking the Dead and I thought it was great. His initial response is, "Why would you want to do that? She's not that great an actress." Oh Mitch, you choose your words so delicately.
Once I got past the fact that he's both insulted an Oscar-winning actress and offended my taste in theatrical skills, I started to really think about what exactly makes her that great of an actor. I mean, I've only seen her in 4 films, and it's not like I closely analyzed any of them... so, what makes her that great?
Enter "Actors of the Month"! So this month is Jennifer Connelly. Hah!