October 27, 2009

Hang On

I'm sure some people are really pissed because I've only posted clips from the female singers from my new collection. Not everyone. But some people. So I guess I'll put this up since the list was probably 50/50 and I've started to delve into the other half.

It kind of reminds me of the Kinks. Anyone else get that feeling?

Oh and also, for anyone who's interested in the PW's new cookbook, here's a fun review that's making me even more excited for it!

October 26, 2009

In case you haven't noticed

I have a slight crush on Neil Gaiman. Slight.

And, as such, I am currently reading Neverwhere. Again.

But I'm feeling restless. Literarily.

Which is weird because I just went to the library and got these:

And I've started (but not finished) these:

And people have gifted me these to read:

I feel like I'm having a literary freak-out. I can't finish anything. I mean, I can't even start reading Dan Brown's new book. My mom and I waited for his book to come out for years. I find myself laying in my bed and looking over at the shelf and just pulling down anything; usually, whatever my eye hits first.
A couple of days ago I actually read a whole scene from "A Streetcar Named Desire" just because the T section of my bookshelf is about eye-level when my head is on the pillow. And then when it's something that I start to get into (such as the aforementioned "Neverwhere") I fall asleep almost instantly. I mean, that's not so unusual. In high school, I used to wake up in the morning in these really awkward positions with my glasses on and my face pressed against a book.

But still, it's a little bizarre that it happens so often and quickly. I'm not really sure what I can do to get me out of this funk. As you can see, I don't have a shortage of genres. Maybe I'll just have to wait it out.

October 25, 2009

The XX

Continuing the trend...

now can someone please tell me where I've heard this chick's voice before??

October 23, 2009

Lay Low

Because I want to keep posting some of the audio from the stuff I just got...

October 21, 2009

That made me think of

My previous post forced me into a tangent that I will (unfortunately) have to indulge.

No One Said This Would Be Easy

Continuing on my aural journey, here's a clip from The Postmarks' 2009 album, "Memoirs at the End of the World". This song makes me feel like a spy. Or this.
Or this:

October 17, 2009

Recent Acquisitions, thoughts

Oddly enough, I posted these albums in reverse order of their acquisition. This was the last album I got, but probably the most anticipated. I remember finding this little gem a couple of years ago. Not when it came out in 2005, but hey we can't all be fabulous all the time. This was in my pre-music connoisseuring days. But that was in the past. Please listen to this. I can't recommend a song because they are all good. Seriously.
Iceland? Really? Btw this is my FAVORITE ALBUM COVER EVER. Look at the OWLS. Look!! Try "I Forget It's There". And don't judge it because it's got a little twang. We could all use a little twang, I feel.
I'm still having trouble believing that this isn't 1) from a 60's French New Wave film and 2) that girl is from Tel Aviv. Really? Tel Aviv? "My Lucky Charm" makes me feel like Christmas.
I think I read somewhere that John Mayer said that this is the best album of the year. Because they share a name (one sur- one last-), one might ask? PERHAPS. Perhaps. But it could also be because it's the most inspired Motown throwback that I've heard since Amy Winehouse in 2007. Could be. Listen to "Make Her Mine". Oh and also I feel compelled to add that I've never EVER bought anything on iTunes. Never. Until this.*
"The Rabbit, The Bat, and the Reindeer". Oh and what's going on with all of the 70s today?
So MOF was kind of an awesome idea. And it turned out really well! Who woulda thunk it. "Dear God" is my favorite track so far, but they're all pretty good. I haven't had enough time to really listen to the whole album yet but I like what I've heard so far. But be aware, you kind of have to be in a mood for this.
Okay, so I haven't heard any of her music other than that one song. Which I kind of liked, so I decided to look her up. Uhm. Okay, so I'll just say it. Does she sound like she's either 1) Underwater or 2) Singing from a room down the hall from the mic? The songs are actually pretty good, but that weird sound is just... irking me.
Just close your eyes, sit outside in the warm California breeze, listen to this, and just try to pretend it's NOT 1975. Just try.
Very indie. I can think of a couple of people who would love this band. The female lead sounds kind of familiar, but I can't place it... If you look them up, check out "Crystalised", I think that's my favorite so far.
I actually really like this band, even though it's sort of a different style than what I've been listening to lately. The lead sounds a bit Dylan-esque but it a way that makes it possible to not want to change the song as quickly as possible.

*okay, I had a gift card.

the crimson tide

You know how in the wizard of oz, whenever the tin man stood still for too long (or it rained) he got stuck and couldn't move anymore? I think that's happening to me in slow motion. I spend too much time at this desk and in class and bending over lab benches (I've been spending a LOT of time hunched at work, doing weird hunch-y things with weird hunch-like machines). This morning I woke up and could barely move. I turned to the side and my neck was killing me, I sat up and my lower back hurt, I tried to get out of bed and I felt like my ovaries were going to pop (yes, it's that time again).

And so I watched this and everything got better:

October 14, 2009

Some new stuff I've run across

love Mayer Hawthorne, still deciding about Girls, though... something about the "heir to elvis costello" comments floating around the internet are kind of disturbing to me

October 9, 2009


I just found out Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay for the version of Sense & Sensibility in which she appeared. And wait...there's more...

...At one point she lost the whole screenplay on her computer, so she ran it over to her friend's flat. He and his flatmate fixed it...

...And the flatmate was none other than Hugh Laurie, who plays Mr. Palmer in the film. Ahhh. My life is now complete for I know the truth.

October 2, 2009

Boy drinking coconut milk/sketching in grand central lower level

I was that blonde girl with the beer wearing a leather jacket who sat behind you while you sketched. I wanted to ask if you were sketching that center kiosk coffee thing for school or for fun and what was with the carton of coconut milk but I didn't. Instead I went and got on my train 20 minutes early and felt cowardly. I had to do something in order to keep from kicking myself forever so here it is.