April 27, 2010

An Assortment

So I've been reading A Room With a View.  Again.  And all I have to say is... will you take me to Italy?  Please?  Pretty please?  Florence, thanks.

And speaking of British things (inadvertently), I watched Lady Jane the other day.  What the hell happened to Cary Elwes?  The poor man did not age well.

I loved this.  Like beyond words.  Kristin Chenoweth was great on the show, but seriously.  Amber Riley.  My god.

I've recently begun to realize an obsession that I have for bookcases.  Like, when I get an apartment they will be everywhere.  Ideally, they'd be built-in, but I'm open.

I went rowing today and my arms hurt.  They will probably hurt more tomorrow.  Also my lips have been incredibly chapped for like a week.  And the palms of my hands and feet have been extra dry.  

I'm going to tutor a teenager tomorrow.  Like an athlete at Mater Dei.  In chemistry.  And english.  Pray for me.

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Casey said...

Alright, let's go!