February 22, 2010


And around that time I got a call from my business office, that Bob Dylan wanted my phone number.  And I said, "Fuck you!  You get that stalker away from me.  I don't want any more 60's icons fucking up my life!" That's what I said in my head.  Out loud I said, "Absolutely!  I'll be waiting by the phone."  Dylan wasn't calling because he wanted to ask me on a date.  He was calling because this cologne company had contacted him to see if he would endorse a cologne called 'Just Like A Woman'.  Bob didn't like that name, but he liked the idea of endorsing a cologne.  And he wanted to know if I had any good cologne idea names.  Do I look like someone who would be wandering around with a bunch of cologne names rattling around in my head?  Well, tragically I did.  I did have quite a few ideas for cologne names, so I told them to Bob.  There was 'Ambivalence', for that scent of confusion... 'Arbitrary', for the man who doesn't give a shit how he smells... And 'Empathy', feel like them, smell like this.  Well, Bob actually liked those... and then he said he might like to open a beauty salon.  And I said, "What?  Like 'Tangled Up and Blown'?" - CF

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