January 16, 2010


I don't buy music on itunes.  Ever.  I tend to think that it's a waste of money, because it's impossible to share and that is really frustrating.  And I'm not really computer savvy enough to bypass anything, I just want my stuff to work how I want it to work!

Having said that, you now realize the significance of my having bought most of the debut album by French electropop group Somethingalamode.  Because it's awesome.  And torrents were thin on the ground.

I lovelovelove the strings that they use in these tunes - I really think that they add a lot of depth to the music.  They make it darker, more mysterious somehow.  It gives me a little bit of an ELO feel, but in a modern sort of way.  You can tell that they're real musicians, not just some guys that found some old synthesizer at a garage sale (not that they're music is bad, necessarily, but... you know what I mean).  Anyways, listen to it.  Please.  And if you decide to get the cd, listen to "Vodka Martini" first, because it's my favorite (but there wasn't a video on youtube!!)


Lewis Leong said...

I've been addicted to that song too! I can't seem to find their CD in stock at any brick and mortar store.

Muneba.C said...

Hey "The Britt Beat, I so agree with u about not buys songs on itunes.. I dont understand y people do that...