December 18, 2009

Through the Looking Glasses

Eyewear says a lot about a person, I think.  Frame, shape, color... even how often you wear them says something about your personality.  Yes, it could be just a pair of glasses that you wear while reading before bed, OR it could be a fashion statement.

Unfortunately, my glasses don't say much.

Or if they do, it's that I'm too damn lazy to get them adjusted because they fall off of my face while I'm trying to read at night.  And when I get up to pee.

Which is why I'm getting a new pair.  Not that I don't like them, because I do, but... I just need another pair.  Does that make sense?  To the girls, at least?

I just need more, okay?  Don't judge me.

But I'm having trouble deciding what kind of frames to get.  I already have some rather rectangular ones, so maybe something slimmer?

Here are some options, please help me decide!!
Club Monaco




Ralph Lauren

Ray Ban

As far as color goes, I'd be willing to try black, but I'm thinking that I want a dark brown or tortoiseshell.  The ones I have now are kinda brown on top and bluish on bottom.  It's hard to describe, but suffice it to say that they don't really "go" with everything.

Oh, and none of these glasses have the big sides - you know what I mean?  Like thick sides?  I didn't really see any of those that I was crazy about on the website.  They all have a ton of shit written on the sides, which I'm not really into.  However, if anyone runs across ones with big sides that seem classy, let me know.


Casey said...

They all look the same to me...

but I definitely agree with your avoidance of the 'big sides'. Those are hideous, and if you ever felt the need to show a brand name so loudly, I might ever forgive you :-P

@nn3 said...

DKNY or the last picture you posted (Ray Bans)?