December 14, 2009

Let me stop you before you think I'm moonlighting

But apparently this is where I'll be in 7 years. And just fyi - I watched 5 episodes of 30 Rock today.

Which is why I know that the title of this personal ad is a quote from 30 Rock.

I want to go to there. - 28 (Los Angeles)

Date: 2009-12-14, 10:14PM PST

Overdosing on “30 Rock” and wishing I had someone to enjoy it with on this chilly winter evening. To that end, here’s one more SWF ad on CL. I’m a working stiff, road raging, veggie eating, class taking, pleasure reading deprived, caffeine junkie, sarcastic, list writing nerd. I like silly conversations and smoldering glances. I also like tallish menfolk (I'm 5'7) between 25 and 33. Write soon.


Casey said...

Are you sure you didn't post that and just change your age? :-P

Brittany said...

that's the scary part. that there's someone else out there EXACTLY like me. I wonder if it's my double.