December 6, 2009

I swear I won't post anything else until after finals.

But since finals are around the corner, it seems kind of appropriate to comment on what music I listen to while "studying".  Which is exactly what I spend most of the time doing.  "Studying", not Studying.  Eh, what can you do?  I'm trying a few different things this time, like a lot of Neko Case along with old jazz and musicals.  So far Les Mis is a Yes and A Chorus Line is a definite NO.  If I could find my Phantom cds that would probably be a Yes, too.

I really like Julie London.  I've always like Julie London.  But some people weren't that impressed with her when she first started singing - they'd much rather have looked at her than heard her.  She started as a pin-up girl when she was 17.  How many Allied soldiers had pictures of her in WWII, do you think?

Here's a version by Susan Boyle that I rather like.  I'm really impressed by her.  She has a musicality about her singing that's not seen very often, at least in her sort of genre.  (I'm placing her in the ex-Broadway star category, since that's what she sings most of the time)  This is a song that can't be too subtle - less is literally more - and most people oversing it (in my opinion).

And just because, here's a version by Babs.  I think it's a little overdone, which only proves my point that it's a hard song to get right for most divas.  

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