March 18, 2009

Scanning Wednesday

Today I was supposed to study. But instead I played with pictures and did some scanning. Okay, well, I did a LITTLE studying. But not enough. And hey, the day ain't over yet.

So I'm uploading pictures of my mom as a wee little child (and a couple from high school), along with her sister, my grandma, and other assorted family members who I never met/ can't remember. I was inspired when I saw those pictures that Sarah put up of her mom from the seventies. Yeah, her mom was in college and mine was a kid, but hey, they're still vintage.

Isn't it amazing how the pictures of my mom look EXACTLY like her?? Like, if you look at that child, you can't imagine her turning out any different from the way she actually DID turn out. It's very bizarre. What's weird is that if you look at pictures of her from the "in between" years (i.e. my birth and her early-late twenties) she looks like she could both a) have come from a different looking kid, and b) turn into a different looking old person. But if you look at her NOW, she looks exactly the same as she did in her childhood and teenage years. Does this mean that in 20 years I'll be as cute as I was when I was a kid, too?

Also, be forewarned - some of these pictures are a) Completely White Trash, b) Ridiculous, c) Hilarious, d) Offensive?, or all four. Please, don't judge. Just laugh - that's what we always do at my house. Also, I saved the best for last. Trust me, you need to work up to them.

Okay, so I photoshopped this one... I was playing with the colors, but I can't find the original, so this is what you get.

Momma on a boat

Mom and grandma reading

Mom with the BANE of her existence, her accordion (ha!)

Mom, grandma, and aunt cindy by the window. I really like this one.

Mom (very mature looking, I think), aunt cindy, grandma, great grandma, great aunt (who actually ended up marrying her brother-in-law after my great grandma passed

Great grandpa and the kids (you can just FEEL their excitement)

I'm sensing a pattern here... my mom just looks so whipped in all of these...

Mom, aunt cindy, great grandpa (mine, not my mom's... this is her grandpa)

Grandma looking actually very natural with a cute puppy (and I'm actually kinda digging her groovy dress pattern)

Grandma riding a, uh, children's bobsled ride (one which Danielle and I have frequented on occasion) in Big Bear. I told you things started to diminish at the end of this post...

Three generations with some new dodger's caps. Pretty fly.

Girls at the beach

#1: Do you see the gun?? #2: Does everyone have to have flooded pants? #3: Look how dirty the dog looks. #4: My mother looks very androgynous, I think. #5: This picture would have been perfect if my aunt was either a) naked, or b) wearing ONLY a diaper.

#1: Look at Grandma's white cowboy hat... with a feather... and jewels. #2: Aunt Cindy's dirty, short hair. #3: Aunt Cindy's expression. #4: Aunt Cindy's teeth. #5: This attire kind of suits mom, I think.

I don't think I can say much about this picture that would help you to find it's hilarity. But I'll give you a hint: the funny part doesn't have anything to do with my Grandma or my aunt.

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