March 8, 2009

Because I'm not busy, obviously

Danielle and I decided that tonight (yes, the night before the shit storm that is week 10 and finals week) would be a good night for henna. And it was. Too bad when I wake up the happy feeling will be gone.

Would you still be my friend if this is what I drove?

Still working on that speech of mine. How'd it go, again? "Mom, dad. I need a little money for a car that's probably broken. Yes, yes... I know I should have been saving and that it's not that much. But can I have it? Pretty please? ... Oh, and Casey and I are going to New York in 2 weeks for Spring Break."


@nn3 said...

Ooh! Did you guys do the henna yourself? It looks really pretty. How long does it have to stay on before you can wash the paste off?

Casey said...

You are so hopeless.