December 17, 2010

Even I'm judging me, so I wouldn't expect anything less of YOU

You know those sad 35-year-old chicks who show up to ComiCon dressed as a fat Slave Leia (chains, and nudity, and weird little British accent, and everything)?  This is how it starts.

Say you get bored and decide to watch Serenity, because it's on HBO and it's free and what the hell nobody's gonna tell YOU what to watch so it might as well be science fiction.  And then you fucking love it.  So you say you know, I think I heard somewhere that this was based on a tv show... maybe I should look THAT thing up.  Oh, it's on Netflix watch instantly, FANTASTIC.  You probably chew through that entire series in what?  A week?  10 days?  But, wait.  It's only 1 season... there's nothing left.  WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?

So you probably start to hint to close friends that you've developed a tiny appetite (lies, it's huge) for science fiction, but only the good stuff.  Like anyone will believe that you're not a total freak just because you have standards.  And let's say, at a party, someone mentions that you should probably watch Battlestar Galactica just cuz.  And 5 days later you find yourself googling shit like this and finishing all of season 1... all FIFTEEN HOURS of season 1.

Ya, that's probably how it starts.


Anonymous said...

So, Comic-con next year? :-P

Lewis Leong said...

Ha I got addicted to BSG last summer too. I went out and bought every season -___-. That's how bad it was.

Brittany said...

seeriously.. Its only been about a month and I'm already starting season 3 (which is sad, because there are like 20 episodes per and each one is about an hour long...). and ya comicon would be great! too bad its probably already sold out