March 23, 2010

On romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion.

I spent the evening tripping balls.

No, I wasn't high.  But I was watching Waking Life, which I'm fairly certain meets the criteria for being high.  If you missed my previous post, I re-posted one of my favorite clips from the movie along with a few others.  The last one is really intriguing.  Actually, they all are.

I don't wanna be an ant, you know?

Maybe I only exist in your mind... I'm still just as real as anything else.

Sabertooth tiger, right behind you.

Okay, mister psychic, I believe you, you're a psychic.

1 comment:

vanessa j. said...

beautiful, awakening movie.
that ant scene, along with the guy playing the ukulele and the Holy Moment, are my favorite.