March 10, 2010


I ran across the cutest picture ever yesterday (thank you google image swirl) of Cate & Kate while I was looking for a picture of Kate Winslet chubby (hear me out) to prove the point that no, I do not think she is fat or ever was, BUT that by today's standards (a decade and a half after Titanic) she would never have been cast in that movie.  You'd be surprised how many actresses wouldn't make the cut nowadays.  Which is probably why movies suck more.  Anways, I'll have to come back to that another day, because I have discovered something startling about the C/Kates:  I think they may be the same person.  Let alone the fact that they actually share the same name, they also have many other eerily similar qualities.  I shall explain:

(so cute, right?  ah, youth.)

(a more recent photo.  still bff after all these years.)

1. They were both in a period piece early in their careers that was an adaption of a very famous piece of literature.
Cate: An Ideal Husband (Wilde)

Kate: Sense & Sensibility (Austen)

2. They have both played a younger version of Judi Dench.
(Cate: Elizabeth)

(Kate: Iris)

3. They have both played a character who is a member of the British army fighting against the Nazis.
(Cate: Charlotte Gray)

(Kate: Enigma)

4.  They have both played Nazis.
(Cate: Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

(Kate: The Reader)

5.  They have both played a middle aged woman who is having an illicit affair with a student.
(Cate: Notes on a Scandal)

(Kate: The Reader)

6.  They have both played a somewhat whorish, very unstable character in a movie with the title "_____& Cigarettes"
(Cate: Coffee & Cigarettes)

(Kate: Romance & Cigarettes)

7.  They've both played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio AND been nominated for an Oscar in those roles.
(Cate: The Aviator, she won)

(Kate: Titanic, she didn't win)

8.  They've both performed Shakespeare.
(Cate: War of the Roses cycle)

(Kate: Hamlet.  She's one of the all-time greatest Ophelias, in my opinion)

9.  They've both starred opposite very famous comedians in bizarre films that have developed dedicated cult followings.
(Cate: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Her last name in this movie is Winslet)

(Kate: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

10.  They've both become animated.
(Cate: Ponyo)

(Kate: Flushed Away)

Honestly, I could go on.  But I've already wasted wayyyy too much time on the computer, so I'll just leave it at that.  Now who wants to go watch a movie?

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