February 18, 2010

What foreign actors ALL have to do, or why Carey Mulligan has it and Romola Garai didn't... but maybe Marion Cotillard found a way around it

Remember Romola Garai?  Remember this movie and how much you loved it?  Remember how she and Keira Knightley both starred in their first American movies at the same time?  And how successful one was and how unsuccessful the other was?  Remember?  Yeah, probably not... you know why?  Because Romola Garai's accent in Dirty Dancing was unbearable.  Godddd it was bad.  And thus begins my argument that everyone needs to be able to do a good American accent at some point in their acting careers.  Unless you're Marion Cotillard and have somehow managed to get by on your amazing French accent; but, mark my words, she will have to eventually.

I know that Sarah disagrees, but I think that Carey Mulligan should win the Oscar this year.  There, I said it.  If you need me to defend my opinion I shall.

Now.  In other news with regards to said future Oscar winner (and her impeccable American accent... see??  SEE??), I feel that she is officially the most valuable asset that "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" has going for it.
Seriously, nothing beats an Oscar nod.  Nothing.
Well, maybe if Anna Wintour says she likes you...

Even Shia LaBeouf's Transformer movies (I never saw the second one, but I liked the first one..) couldn't beat having an Oscar winner in the cast.
Maybe the fact that Michael Douglas is actually making a movie (that's not ridiculous) for the first time in like 10 years will get some people to the movies, too.  But I remember the first trailer for Wall Street 2 a couple months ago... I'm almost positive that Carey Mulligan wasn't mentioned and certainly her name wasn't in letters equally as big as Michael Douglas.  Nosireebob.

Thus is the power of Oscar.  Oh, and watch this, I think you'll want to see it like me.

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