February 12, 2010

Are you going to DEBATE me on this??

My mom should know better than to try and start an argument with me, especially when she knows how much I love DATA.  So when she says something like, "Ya know, I bet more than half of the Best Actress nominees have been prostitutes.  The Academy loves prostitutes," she should know that I see that as a Challenge.

So, when she DID say that, I did the only thing I could thing of (because she loves data too, so simply telling her wasn't going to solve anything): I looked up the occupation of every Best Actress nominee since 1970 and made a spreadsheet.  Then I made a bar graph so that she could easily understand what was happening when I took her theory out.

Oh and just FYI: the number of prostitutes totals 4.0404% of the total number of women nominated.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Did she mean their characters were prostitutes, or the woman themselves? haha