December 22, 2009

danielle is driving me INSANE

Is Winter over yet?  Is it time for next quarter?  Please?  I know that I was complaining about it before, but I want to go back.

It's so sad that I can like her so much sometimes, and yet she's totally ruthless.  She knows exactly how to make me feel like a piece of shit.  And of course she always does when we're arguing.  She doesn't fight fair.

B: "Can you pleeeease take 5 minutes away from that football game (OSU v. BYU on tv) to help me clean the kitchen before mom gets home?"

D: "No, I'm busy.  I'm watching the football game!  I'll do it later."

B: "C'mon, just pause it.  That's what DVR is for."

D: "Look, I know that our college experiences have been different.  I'm sorry that you're unhappy and just don't like anything, okay?  But that's not my fault.  I told you'd I do it later, so just get off of my ass."

B: "Okay."

And then I just gave up.  Because do you know how ridiculous it sounds to yell at someone, "I'M NOT UNHAPPY."  And who knows if it would even have been true.

But still, she doesn't fight fair.

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Alex said...

1. Don't wish for break to be over!! I'm here!!

2. Danielle didn't go to bowl game? That's pretty lame.

3. I <3<3<3<3<3 you.