January 9, 2009

sex on fire and my upgrade

I got an album (or SEE-DEE, as Rob so nicely put it) from Summer a few years ago called "Youth & Young Manhood". I really liked it... something about the lead singer's voice was really appealing, and still is, even though their whole sound is different now. They just sounded raw and real. They sounded like this:

In fact, that was my favorite song off of the album.
Now they sound like that kind of, but there are major differences. They sounded old to me before, like they could easily have fit into the music scene 40 years ago. But I still like the band. I'm in the process of listening to Only By The Night, so if I feel so inclined, I'll write about whether I hate it or love it.

In other news, I've been thinking about upgrading my flickr account to Pro so that I can keep putting pictures up. I have about 20% of my month's worth of space left and that's not enough for anything, really. Thoughts? Suggestions? Is it worth it if nobody looks at my flickr page?

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InsaneIdiot said...

Definitely worth it to get a pro account because even if no one looks at your pictures, you can use it as a server to upload photos to and use around the net and it also serves as cloud storage so if anything gets jacked up on your computer, all your photos are up on Flickr's servers and you can just download them all. Plus, all the pictures will be uploaded at their original resolution.