December 10, 2008

My 20 Favorite Actresses Right Now... (Subject to Change Approx. Every 5 Minutes)

There's a meme floating around that's kind of a fun idea, but hard to accomplish once you've actually decided to do it! The longer I thought about it, the stricter I had to make my qualifications, so these choices are made on a ton of totally bizarre qualities/performances.

In no particular order:

Ingrid, Cate, Meryl, Irene, Kate, Judi, Kate, Rachel, Madeleine, Diane, Emma, Marion, Holly, Doris, Anne, Amy, America, Judy, Nicole, Gena

And I can think of TONS more!!

Oh wait a minute. I can't forget this one! So what if it's 21. What are you going to do? Spank me?

Okay so I thought of another one like 5 minutes after I posted this. But this is IT. Anymore I think of will reside in the comments section.

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InsaneIdiot said...

I love me some Marion Cotillard.