December 4, 2008

Jackie O.bama and the Wedding of the CENTURY

The Presidential Inauguration is right around the corner. People are flying around left and right trying to get everything set-up for the special day and it's PANDEMONIUM.

The country is getting married to the Obamas, finally.

The courtship was a little painful at times, I'll be the first to admit. We were bachelors. We didn't know what we wanted, but we liked to complain about what we had. We took what we were offered, but remained unfulfilled, incomplete. The chemistry just wasn't there with anyone. We were beginning to lose hope; we didn't think we'd ever meet the one that made our hearts race just a little faster.

And then we met them.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It looked like this:

It wasn't love at first sight (for a majority of people), but there was definitely something there. We weren't sure if we were ready for this kind of commitment yet, so the decision was tough. We were forced to go through our little black book and think about all of the good times we'd had with our ex's. Was it worth it? We almost backed out, but the thought of losing them forever was enough to makes us take the leap of faith.

So the parentals have all the basics covered - we've chosen the church (this analogy just keeps getting better...), the date, the time, and they're setting up for the reception. All we need now is to make sure we've got our tux and she's got THE dress.
But what will it look like? Which one will she choose? This isn't just any wedding - it's THE wedding. The biggest wedding to EVER take place. EVER. And we're committed and we're doing this thing right.

So, since there's so much to do, WWD has graciously offered to help out with the most exciting part of the preparations: they're taking the bride dress shopping!

I've chosen my favs to post.

Diane von Furstenberg
A little conservative for my taste, but I like the way the top folds over. The cap sleeves are cute.

Marc Jacobs
Okay, so it's yellow. But let's think outside the box for a moment. The woman looks killer in boat necks, so that's a plus. Big belt - or is it a huge cumberbund - brings it together. I like the grey inset. Very sexy.

Christian Lacroix
He actually designed several dresses for Michelle, but some of them were a little too much. I liked this one because it showed a little skin, and let's face it - we are SO ready for a hot first couple. The HUGE bow at the back and the HUGE bow at her neck are a little much.

Michael Kors
I am really feeling the one-shoulder thing. I like it. It doesn't say prom (which is a trap that a lot of designers fell into) and it doesn't say "imported" (which would probably be a mistake) or obscure fashion show in some alley in Prague (which, when you think about it, actually sounds kind of fabulous, right?)

Oscar de la Renta
Okay, so I kind of am in love this whole thing. All white says WAY too formal and gives me sort of a weird Puritan-y feeling, but this is the perfect balance. Absolutely. And the flowers are a great way of transitioning the colors. At first glance, I sort of worried that it would seem too simple to be a viable choice, but the detail on the upper bodice is phenom.

Kia Milla
So this sketch is weird, I agree. But try to look at it and really envision the dress she has in mind. Strapless (very Michelle-y), big black belt used to divide the flowing skirt with the detailed bodice, and the top itself - great flowery detail. I really like it. My only issue is that it's not going to seem formal enough. It looks too much like something she might wear normally - she looks a little like she could just throw a cardigan over the top and hop down to the mall.

Reem Acra
She gets TWO!!
Like I said earlier - the woman looks great in a wide neck. And the silhouette in the red is fantastic. I love the details at the bottom, too. But, much like the Kia Milla dress, it just doesn't seem formal enough. Love the dress, though. It has a little bit of a latin flair, right?
I really like the blue (?) one, too. It seems a little child-like when compared to the red dress, though. I totally love the knot in the middle of the top, though.

I love them all, I really do, but I'm going to have to put my vote forth for the Oscar de la Renta. It may not be the absolute sexiest dress that's being put forth, but I think says a lot about the way we feel about this occasion. It's simple, yet elegant. There's an delicateness to the design that I feel represents our (almost childish) optimism of the coming years. I wish all designers the best, and I know Michelle is going to kill it on January 20th.


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