December 17, 2008

If you're about to watch a movie, don't be surprised if Paul Rudd drops by

For some reason he's been following me around lately. 3 sightings in one day! I think that happens when you're sick and are forced to watch tv for hours on end. Let's see if you can guess what movies they're from... though it's probably totally obvious. Sorry about the ghetto screen caps.

Sighting #1

Sighting #2

Sighting #3

SO... I'll give you one more chance to guess the movies by putting up a different pic.

#1 is...

"Clueless"! Betcha didn't guess that... yeah... riiight.
Isn't it weird that Turk is in this, to? And Alicia Silverstone... what ever happened to her? And Brittany Murphy. And that guy from Road Trip.

#2 is...

Yeah... you knew it the whole time. "Romeo+Juliet". When I first saw this movie (freshman year of high school?) I was totally freaked out by it. Shakespeare scared me, but Baz' interpretation of Shakespeare scared me even more. It almost felt like blasphemy. But since then we've developed a more casual relationship, Shakespeare and I, and I can appreciate this movie a lot more.

Rudd was Paris. Poor, awkward Paris. But you know what? He actually made me feel sympathy for his character - which was WAY more than anything Franco Zeffirelli could do.

#3 is...

"Friends"! Only the best show ever to watch at midnight when you can't sleep. Or ever when you can't sleep. Or when you're bored. Or drunk. Or want to laugh and then feel bad because sometimes it's so stupid it's funny. Or because it's actually funny. Yeah. He was Phoebe's boyfriend.

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