November 23, 2008

... then I don't wanna be right.

Dear Readers,
We regret to inform you that your dear friend Brittany has died of obsession. She was heard cursing at the computer earlier when she discovered that all 28 - YES, 28 - copies of "New Moon" have been checked out from the HBPL library indefinitely. Shortly after, screams of joy were heard when she successfully downloaded a torrent with all 4 books attached as pdfs. The first 50 pages were printed (2 per page, of course... she didn't want to hurt the environment in her quest to satiate the obsession) and then she died. Of obsession.
Again, we are sorry for your loss.
The How-Can-Stephanie Meyer-Possibly-Have-Done-This-To-Me Support Group

SHP status. I'm not exactly sure how it happened... but somehow in the last 48 hours I have completely transformed into a 'Twilighter' (Bethany's word, not mine). These books are seriously (and somewhat bizarrely) amazing. It's not the writing, exactly. It's sort of a combination of events and people that make it so worthwhile. Bella is literally "every-girl", and yet manages to remain completely unique. I felt like I knew her, or was her, the whole time... but I also was drawn in by some of her unexpected choices.
And Edward is obviously the tortured artist type - the I-Can't-Be-With-You-Because-I-Love-You-So-Much-It's-For-
Your-Own-Protection type. Whatever. Obsession.

Not sure about the movie, though. I don't really see it as being that well translated without seeming... I don't know... ridiculous, or completely far-fetched. Or just way, overly sappy and COMPLETELY marketed towards screaming 13-year-olds. After having read the book and then re-watched the movie preview, I'm more speculative than I was before, but I guess we'll see.

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