November 15, 2008

Have Piano, Can't Travel (Revised 11/29: Si Se Puede!)

Do you ever feel like, "Please, God, let ONE THING GO RIGHT. Just one. That's all I'm askin', God. One. Thing."

Bernadette and I have been working on a little "project" that I like to call: If Anyone Needs to Go to Washington D.C. on January 20th, It's a Mexican and a Black Chick.

So far we've been met with obstacles at every turn (odd how it mirrors the hard history of our great peoples) and to be honest some of the things started to take the wind out of my sails. But we SHALL prevail!

Yes, it's true that we searched for days before booking a hostel only to find out the next day that it had been overbooked. "Thanks, but no thanks." Who got the boot? Yes, we did.

But we SHALL prevail!

Yes, it's true that we searched for plane tickets and found ridiculously cheap ones, only to stop ourselves from buying them because the site didn't seem "legit". I called Debbie the next day and of course it was.

But we SHALL prevail!

Yes, I've emailed strangers begging them to let us stay at their overpriced apartments because all of the hotels are TOTALLY booked... and yes, we run the risk of getting harassed, molested, robbed, or a number of other terrifying things.

But we SHALL prevail!

Because it's worth it.

Revised Nov 29, 2008
YAY! We got everything in order - We're GOING. !!!
More details to be posted as the date arrives.

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