September 26, 2008

Does Loretta Sanchez speak Spanish? I know Jessica Alba doesn't. Does it matter?

Today was a really, really good day. Starting from when I woke up there was a constant flow of positive things happening.
In chronological order:
1. There was this awesome, thick fog covering everything when I got up this morning! It's so great to live next to a canal because they overflow with fog like they're filled with dry ice. Love it.
2. I was wearing a shirt that made me look fantastic all day, it was really rather incredible. It didn't get wrinkly or too hot (temperature, not attractiveness... though it could've actually made me more attractive as the day wore on - it was that good.) Hope Danielle doesn't notice that it was gone all day.
3. I got Starbucks before going into the lab, which I never have time for anymore; Pumpkin Spice Latte = Fall has ARRIVED.
4. My classics teacher was hilarious ("Before we begin, I should tell you all something - in case you can't understand me, it's because I have a disease... it's called an accent. You catch it if you move somewhere after the age of 4.")
5. Connie is back from San Francisco so she, Johnny, and I got to laugh for a good hour when I came into the lab between classes which was funnn. Plus, Johnny told me he thought I was getting smarter!! Yes!
6. It seems like Emily finally got the Bari! Yay! So we might just practice this weekend!
7. I saw Bettina for the first time in forever (she's really busy - sorority, RA, lab, work... she's crazy); hopefully she'll be my Cell Bio buddy and we can laugh at the other students during lecture
8. I am going to officially join MBRS next week where I'll get paid to work in the lab, PLUS Marlene loved me! Hopefully I'll be able to do research in a lab abroad for free!
9. I got my shirt in the mail.
10. Obama is gonna school McCain in the debate tonight.
11. I'm going to a football game with some friends.
12. I got $25 gift card to B&N from my Aunt and Uncle.
13. I got a raise from Maya because gas prices have gone up.
14. Dark Chocolate Orange muffins.


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